My right arm is sore. This time not from a tetanus shot, but from casting and reeling all night. This place is amazing. Its a cheap little house off the Intracoastal in a fishing village in Texas. There is nothing special about it. But each time I come here I feel completely relaxed.

Its amazing what just sitting on a porch and looking at the water can do for you. I am here with my friend Jeremy and my other buddy Greg and his fiance are joining us later tonight.

Two GREAT things happened yesterday, the first of which was coming here, the second of which was the lady at the sporting goods being too dumb to know that my Louisiana drivers license meant I was no longer a Texas resident... no matter what the computer said. The result? I can now fish and hunt in Texas for the rest of the year!!! Is her mistaking me for a Texas resident a sign of things to come?? Who knows. But for those of you who know me well... this is a HUGE deal.

Last night Jeremy and I fished until 5am.. 10 20+ inch speck was the result and joined with the blue crabs in the the traps now, they will become our dinner tonight.

Breakfast was bacon, biscuits, potatoes and eggs cooked in the fat of the bacon topped off with a cold beer.... yes I am going to die.... and if its here.... in Sargent, Tx..... I will die happy.