The Misadventures of Chesley Roberts

I have had more than one intern bail on a tough assignment. So when I offered our current intern the opportunity to help me out with a Preview cover shoot, I wondered if the desire the learn or the snooze button would win the fight.

But sure enough Chesley Roberts, a student at Western Kentucky and a Shreveport native, showed up right on time at 6:45 a.m. in the Willis-Knighton parking lot. It's always good to have an extra set of [dry] hands when you are shooting the cover of the weekly entertainment magazine... underwater.

After making sure I had what I needed, I got out of the pool, handed the camera and underwater housing to Chesley and told her to get in and shoot. After laughing at me for trying to stay on the bottom with no weight belt earlier, she got her own opportunity to give it a try and found out it wasn't so easy. But after a bit she got it down and made a couple nice images.

Although we haven't finished shooting... here are some of my photos of local Triathlete Joe Hinton.

And a couple by Chesley as well.

Sadness in the Wind

The small plane stands out in the vastness of the blue West Texas sky. As the scream of the turbines dies, a somber silence blankets the air, only the uncontrollable sobbing cries of a grieving mother can be heard over the constant wind, buffeting through the bunched groups of family and friends.

An eternity passes before the door opens with a crack and six soldiers carried a seventh across the blazing white tarmac. The family touches the flag-draped casket as it glides into the hearse.

Along the open highway roughnecks, ranchers and oil men all stop. Some get out of their trucks, hold their hats against their chest and stand at attention as the procession rolls past. Later, in town, eight thousand people stand along the road in total silence as the war-battered body of a young man passes into the city limits for the last time. School children are bussed to the short route to stand with flags and learn what it means to be a patriot.

As a father grieves quietly, the body of Cpl. Ray Michael Bevel makes it's final sojourn.