Leaving Town

Well, here we go again. I just got the call... leave 9:30 am sharp and report back when you get as far south as you can. Take a reporter and a sleeping bag.

Now I have to pack, buy the water, buy the granola, call my mother and listen to her cry for hour. I have to plan everything out for at least a week or maybe two. Pay all the bills, leave enough money in the back account to get home if the worst comes to reality.

You never know with these things. Sometimes you are home before its really over, sometimes you are there for several days, sometimes a week and sometimes......

Its kind of a nerve-wracking experience. I have done it before. Three times before as a matter of fact. Lili, Frances and Ivan weren't that bad for me. I came home each time. And usually with a little water and granola left over. And a few nice photos to boot.

But now comes Katrina.

A Category 4 storm, she hurls towards the most vunerable chink in the Gulf Coast armor. Grand Isle, La. followed by shortly by New Orleans and other low-lying areas. Not only that, but some predict that Katrina will grow to a Cat5 by the time she makes landfall on the below-sea level metropolis in the delta.