The Gents are in Town

The Centenary vs Oral Roberts game at the Mabee Center each year always reminds me of my first visit to Tulsa. I was working on a story for the Shreveport, La. newspaper and had traveled on the road with the Centenary Gents to Tulsa. Seems a lifetime ago. Here’s a couple images from tonight’s game.

Ladies Home Journal/Baja Racer 2010

I had a nice photo published this month in Ladies Home Journal of Osage County's super star Ree Drummond, also known as the Pioneer Woman. It's not the first time that I have photographed Ree, I shot her a while back for the L.A. Times and I have done some work for her personally as well. But this time was memorable.

Some of you Ree followers may have seen this blog on her site a while back: The Pioneer Woman. Unfortunately the two photographers were me and my assistant Paul McEntire. Fortunately we were ok! The truck got replaced, the shoot went on and the county even dismissed the silly ticket they gave me for losing control on a gravel road full of washboards and loose gravel from a motor grader.

Photo by Paul McEntire

It's been a few months (and 7k miles on a new truck) since we made the return trip to shoot the Drummonds. Needless to say they are some of my favorite people this side of the Red River. Ree is always a blast to photograph and I hope that I can show you some more of the work we did that morning soon!

PS.... for the record, I don't have photos of the Blue Snuggie... and if I did... I'd never tell.