The Rise and Fall of New Orleans

Well its been several days since I wrote. It seems like I become less and less interested in my own stories.

Last night we went to Bourbon Street for a little R&R. There were a large number of clubs open. So many in fact we are doing a story tonight on the return of bourbon street. I am sure that you can guess that a large number of the clubs are strip joints. Think what those girls are making! Noone in town but military and police who have been away from family and home and been working their asses off night and day for a month!

Earlier today we went to a neighborhood where the homes got 6-8 feet of water in them. Watching people pick up their lives day after day is beginning to wear on me. I will be happy to shoot people relaxing and enjoying themselves on Bourbon Street tonight. I will even be happier to shoot mass at St. Louis Cathedral in the morning. I have always wanted to go to a mass there. I can't think of a better time to do it.

The Rise and Fall of New Orleans. Could there be a story so uplifting and so depressing all in the same day?

Wednesday they will open all but the Lower Ninth Ward. I haven't decided if I want to be here or not. Most of the homeowners we have shot so far have been at least middle class.... with insurance or young people with not much to lose who were renting.

What will we do when the tens of thousands arrive home to to the worst of the city with nothing but the clothes on their backs... and no hope of a fat check to start over. What will we see when those people come back?