JPG Magazine

Well, after reading the magazine for quite some time I have decided to try and contribute each month to a magazine called JPG. It's an interesting setup. You submit one image each for three themes for each issue of the magazine. It doesn't yield much if you are published, but it's a cool magazine and gets me thinking about my photography in a different way.

Anyhow, check it out.

Das Haus!

Well, we did it!

We signed the contract on a house today. It's a cool little 1929 gingerbread house in Midtown Tulsa. Under 3 miles to downtown and across the street from TU, it's close to a lot of things that we like, including the apartment I am living in now.

This means that if each of you come to my house on Sept 14 and grab one thing and walk two blocks... well.... then we will be moved! So come on.

The photo above shows the house as it is now, the way it will look when we get the keys (they are replacing the awful pink roof before we close. And the third photo shows it with red brick. We hope to either sand blast the brown paint off the brick, or maybe just paint it red again.