Hip to be Square

Well occasionally it happens. I am no 6x6 junkie... but it seemed to work for a storm photo this weekend.

Workers at Calumet Lubricants struggle with a football field-sized tarp during a storm that battered the area on Saturday morning.

Here goes

So here it is... finally a photo-specific blog. No more digging through Myspace or Xanga.

This blog is an outlet. Not really for images that don't make the paper, because my paper, in print or on the web, publishes nearly everything I shoot.

The images may be outside what I would normally shoot. They may be something I wished had gotten better play. They may be something I want to do better next time. But above all they are images from my own world and of my own vision.

Basically, I have found I shoot more and more exactly what the paper needs, but it doesn't always satisfy the shooter. Hopefully this blog will provide some of what is missing.