Early Return

Well.... I am back.

Far too soon.

And I am pissed.

Of all the stupid things. I am so irritated that I was called back so soon. It wasn't my fault and I have made my feelings very clear to those who made the choice.

The largest natural disaster is happening in my backyard and I am stuck here... shooting photos of old men who gripe about the cost of gasoline for their RVs.

But I was there. And I will be back there hopefully sooner than later.

I learned a lot over the last three days and I remembered even more. I learned that people can be naturally good or naturally bad. I used to think differently, but now I do not. I don't know who or what controls what makes people who they are and the way that they act. I learned that God controls this earth and there is not a damn thing that man can do about it. Build all the levees you want. Pretend you can control one of the most powerful forces in nature with piles of dirt if you want. But sooner or later God and his creations will prove you wrong.

I remembered that I love people. I really do. Its one of the reasons I am who I am and I do what I do. I love people. I love to be around them. To hear and tell their stories. To see them succeed and to comfort them when they don't.

I realized I have been doing a lot of hating lately. Being there and seeing what I have seen has reminded me that life to to short to be hateful. That there is no point in hating the people you love. That having people who care for you is the greatest thing in the world. And losing them is the worst.