Didn't write anything yesterday. But I will recap. Yesterday we rode with LSP SWAT on patrol through the city.

It was an interesting day. I got to ride in a HUGE armored vehicle, made a few cool photos and got a private tour of the New Orleans Museum of Art. Lloyds of London hired a private SWAT team to get into the museum and protect the priceless art... including a large collection of Faberge eggs.

It was so cool to see all that survived the storm and the looters. (Looters broke into the snack shop... But left the painting of Marie Antoinette alone). It was cool to see SWAT team members with M-16s who had spent weeks in hell walking through a museum marveling at famous art works in one of the most beautiful buildings in New Orleans. The contrast was unreal.

At the end of the day Doug and I talked about what we had done on our days off. I told him about the first day off I had after the worst first week. I went to Dallas and was in a wedding for one of my best friends. To see him that happy, to see how much love he has for his wife and how good life can be... it really recharged me and allowed me to go back to work strong. Doug told me he intended to sit in his living room and watch The Sound of Music with his wife and children. What a beautiful simple way to celebrate your life and being back in it.

Tomorrow's is my second day off this month. I am planning on going to the Louisiana Art and Science Museum and spending the day wandering through exhibit after exhibit and thinking about nothing but the art on the wall before me.

On Monday they reopen the first parts of the city.

A reporter and I will be airdropped into East Orleans by a U.S. Army Blackhawk helicopter to document National Guard troops, who have been deployed in New Orleans since the storm, return to their homes and belongings. Most of which lay in total waste under 6-12 inches of river silt and mud.

I am not sure what awaits me there. But I am honestly glad I will spend the day before in a place of beauty.