Better get a ladder....

It's not often that I try to find a way to get taller to photograph my subjects.

In fact, usually I try to get as low as possible, often on my knees using an angle finder to get what I want, but yesterday was a bit different.

When Liz Cambage came through the door... she ducked... and I scrambled to find a ladder. Knowing that the client wanted a photo of her wingspan for a website banner I knew we had to photograph her at her level, so everything, c-stands, camera, me and more went up. My assistant Paul found a stool to augment his height for stand in lighting and we went to work.

We had Liz for a little less than an hour. Despite being glued to her twitter feed, chatting away with new found fans, the 19 year old was awesome in the studio. Super nice, professional yet unpretentious and had the look down perfectly. If she's half as fun on the court, it's going to be a great season!

We had a full lighting setup on the cyc wall and using pocketwizards on multiple channels were able to switch quickly from a white backdrop to a black backdrop from the camera position without changing anything except turning off a set of lights remotely. It gave us two different looks with the push of a button without taking any extra time.

After we finished inside we went outside where the raw power and low flash duration of a fairly serious Speedotron setup allowed us to turn midday downtown Tulsa into dusk and stop the action of a moving WNBA center at the same time. A few images from the roof and Liz and her crew were on their way.

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