New Work

It has been way to long since I posted some work, so I thought I would throw some new stuff up here. These are a few of my favorites from a recent shoot at the Cushing Oil Terminal in Cushing, Oklahoma. 

The terminal moves most of the oil that passes through the US in a series of pipelines. It's a pretty amazing place. Very difficult to give a sense of scale. I shot the assignment for Bloomberg and I know the Washington Post picked it up the next day. Not sure who else. 

As I have said on this blog before I really like shooting heavy industry. It's a strange thing to appreciate, but the scale and look of things like this lend themselves to photographs... and strangely at the same time really challenge me to see the larger picture. 

Starting next week I am going to try and shoot some stock images of some of Oklahoma's wind farms, ports, biofuel plants and other heavy industry and energy locations. Should be fun.