The Sweet Roar of Fandom

Well kids, it is that time of year again. Time for basketball tournaments and screaming fans and pep bands and full body paint. I am not the world's biggest basketball fan, but I do enjoy the tournaments at all levels. 

Last night I shot a fantastic game at ORU. They just lost to NDSU in the final moments but the fan's excitement and the near full Mabee Center reminded me of the things I like about this time of year and the work I have done for the last ten years. Next week I will be covering some Div. II games at the Lone Star Conference and after that? Who knows. A lot depends on where ORU ends up after the Summit league tournament in Sioux Falls, SD this week. 

Let's hope for them (and me!) that it is some place great! 


Patrick Dove said...

Shane, its Patrick from San Angelo. I'll see you next week in the bustling metropolis of Bartlesville next week!

Shane Bevel said...

Well, I gotta say... I wish they were hiring me to shoot it, but since they aren't... glad it's you coming! See you then. HA! Jeremy Enlow will be there as well.