New Stuff... And A New Day

I have been holding off on this post now for a while. Wasn't sure exactly what to say. It has been a shocker of a week. I was laid off from my full time newspaper gig on Jan. 6th. So here I am a week or so later and I feel like I am headed for a better place. I have some freelance leads and more importantly at this point, I have a plan. 

I'd love for you all to take a look at the portfolio site and let me know what you think. I have expanded the galleries and added galleries for Food, Portraits, Places, Outdoors and Fashion. There are of course still galleries for my hurricane work, sports and editorial singles. 

Soon we will have an entirely separate page for weddings and I have already had some interest in booking weddings this summer. If you know anyone getting married in Dallas/Fort Worth, OKC or Tulsa, please pass my information on to them. 

On a last note, please just keep us in your prayers. Its going to be a little crazy for a while and Fran and I need all the help we can get. 



sorry to hear about the job! I think you'll do just fine with the freelancing thing! -- Katie B.

Pan's Pantry said...

That just sucks. If you need any tips on being poor, I'm getting pretty good at it and I'll be happy to help. Love to you and Fran.

Anonymous said...

hang in there, Shane. you really are a talented photographer---talented enough to stand out in a crowd of photog's. Anything we can do to help get the word out, let us know,