First Date

Well, it is official. After a very long weekend Frances is now a Tulsan. It was nearly an 800-mile round trip with four vehicles making the return trip. But thanks to Fran's Mom and Gary it was easy going to get all the stuff loaded up and the old apartment cleaned.

So after I finished work today and Frances took a nap we set out on the town to find a place to have our first dinner date. A trip to Braums to pick up a burger, swing by the QuickTrip to wash the bugs off the windshield and the next thing you know... we were at the movies. I mean after all that driving, what's another two hours in the car?


Kathryn Usher said...

Congratulations! Tulsa is my hometown. It's a great place. In fact the people and the landscape of T-Town and SB Land remind me of each other.

Ahh, the drive-in. I miss it.

Go now to Big Al's for a smoothie and a burrito with alfalfa sprouts. Drive to Grove on Grand Lake O' the Cherokees this weekend and visit Har-ber Village.

Pan's Pantry said...

Hey, are you ever going to blog again? I still check, ya know.